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1. How do I make reservation?
2. How do I pay my cruise?
3. How will I receive my travel documents?
4. How many suitcases can I bring?
5. Will I need an electrical converter?
6. Do children cruise for free?
7. What other services are available?
8. How can we celebrate a special occasion?
9. What can't I bring onboard?
10. Any dress requirement?
11. What if I still have some questions?
12. What if I am vegetarian?
13. Do itinerary changes?
14. Are charters available?
15. Can I get group discounts?
16. What is your cancellation policy?
17. Do I need to bring money on board?
18. What does my cruise fare include?
19. When is the best time to visit Halong ?
20. What kind of food served onboard?
21. Do we have to bring passport for sleeping aboard?
22. Where does the boat anchor at night time?
23. Can we sleep outside on the top deck of the boat?
24. How many caves in Halong will we visit?
25. Do you have life jackets on each junk?