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Food & Beverages
  • Our delicious meals combine a perfect balance of Halong Bay specialty fresh seafood and traditional Vietnamese dishes. Western cuisine is also served. If you are allergic with seafood or have any dietary request, please inform us in advance.
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available to purchase throughout the day and evening. We also provide complimentary 02 bottles of water that are placed in your cabin; additional bottles are available for purchase.

Our cabins are equipped with private western style bathrooms, hot water, air-conditioning

Money and Currency Exchange

  • Currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (d, or VND)
  • All international currency, with the exception of US dollars, must be changed into the local currency, the Vietnamese dong.
  • It is a good idea to bring newer dated currency that has no rips, marks, folds, or holes
  • Check the current exchange rates at
  • Credit cards (Visa or MasterCard only) are accepted but may incur surcharges.

Tipping is a personal matter, and passengers are encouraged to tip an amount they find appropriate. For your convenience we�ve included a tipping guide below for your travels in Vietnam.

  • Meals (restaurants): The average amount is 1USD
  • Guides & drivers: As a general guide on private tours, please allow 5USD to 10USD per day per traveller for each of your local guide and 3USD to 6USD per day per traveller for each of your local driver.
  • Of course you are free to tip more or less as you see fit, depending on your perception of service quality, your group size and the length of your trip.
  • Bellboy: it�s up to you; the average amount is 1USD to 2USD per bag or luggage.
  • Chambermaid: again it�s up to you; the average amount is 1USD per day.
  • Tipping 5USD per person, per service, to people such as a boat captain or a helpful bellman is appropriate

Emergency Services

  • Emergency services and care for major medical illnesses may be limited
  • Prevention of injury is always the best policy
  • Your guide and the Cruise Manager will advise you in the case of urgent medical need during your tour

Please click on the following link for the average weather report in the area before your trip You also can have a look at a local Vietnamese forecast on Click on English/ Select Northeastern/ Select Quang Ninh.