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The announcement came as the Marguerite Junk Cruise starts the running of its on board spa & massage services from late Sep, 2011.

A new team of professional spa and beauty specialists have been recruited from luxury cruises and famed hotels and resorts in Vietnam. In the skilled hands of our caring, professional, Marguerite Junk Spa staff, we invite you to experience the completely comfort, nice treatments designed to counter the destructive effects of stress, anxiety and lack of rest on your system.

There will be an increased focus on health and wellbeing, with additional complimentary fitness sessions being offered to passengers to encourage the concept of a �healthy mind in a healthy body� plus �extra care on your beauty�; which is an important part of your cruise experience and of our stronger position among Halong junk cruises.

Facial care

When was the last time you treated yourself to a facial? It is a delightful way to treat yourself and care for your skin. Facials offer many benefits, such as helping you achieve a clear complexion and a radiant glow. A facial also helps increase circulation and stimulates the skin. Regular facials address premature aging by custom-targeting your skin care and serve as superior preventative treatments to help you slow the natural aging process and to maintain good skin condition.

 Simply select the level of service you desire.

1. Basic Deep Cleaning Facial +Mask        45 Minutes                    $20.00
2. Deep Cleaning Facial Anti � Stress        30 Minutes                    $15.00
3. Facial Anti-Aging with Collagen Mask     60 Minutes                    $35.00


Body Therapy & Body Massage

A highly specialized massage to release deeply rooted tension and stress. With a strong touch, the practitioner moves progressively deeper into layers of muscle and tissue to work away tension, sports related pain, improve circulation and posture and restore vitality for mind and body.

1.     Body Massage                                    60 Minutes                    $30.00
    45 Minutes                    $20.00
2.     Body Scrub                                         60 Minutes                    $30.00
3.     Body with hot Stone Therapy                60 Minutes                    $35.00
4.     Back Therapy                                      30 Minutes                    $15.00
5.     Head & Shoulder Therapy                     30 Minutes                    $15.00
6.     Foot Reflexology                                  45 Minutes                    $20.00


Manicure & Pedicure

Caring for hand and feet was known before the beginning of history. Manicure was known in ancient Babylonia and nail polish and nail care products first emerged in China as far back as 3000 BCE. Manicure and Pedicure has been depicted in hieroglyphics of some Egyptian Pharaoh�s tombs. Red nail color was for royalty in ancient Egypt. Happily now royal treatments are not reserved for royalties alone, just step into our realm and experience the treatment your hassled hands and feet will cherish for ever. And have a professionally groomed look

1.     French Manicure                                    30 Minutes                    $10.00
2.     French Pedicure                                    30 Minutes                    $10.00
3.     Manicure                                               30 Minutes                    $10.00
4.     Pedicure                                               30 Minutes                    $10.00


(updated on 16Oct, 2011)